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Our most recent statement on the new IUCN Red List Assessment 2022

IPS, International Primate Society, recommendations regarding use of primates in biomedical research.

IUCN Red List Assessments 2022

Long-tailed Macaque

Dark-crowned Long-tailed Macaque

Burmese Long-talied Macaque

Con Song Long-tailed Macaque

Common Long-tailed Macaque

Simeulue Long-tailed Macaque

Karimunjawa Long-tailed Macaque

Lasia Long-tailed Macaque

Maratua Long-tailed Macaque

Nicobar Long tailed Macaque


Behavioural Ecology


Gumert, M. D., Fuentes, A. and Jones-Engel, L. (eds.). (2011). Monkeys on the Edge: Ecology and Management of Long-Tailed Macaques and their Interface with Humans. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.


Knauf, S. and Jones-Engel, L. (2020). Neglected Diseases in Monkeys: From the Monkey-Human Interface to One Health. Springer Nature, Switzerland. 386pp.

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