MACS (Macaque Alliance for Cultural Studies)

MACS (Macaque Alliance for Cultural Studies) aims to provide a platform for longer term collaborative research focused on the extent of distinct cultural traditions in populations of long-tailed macaques across the entire range of our chosen species. Already, work by members of MACS has highlighted distinctive cultural traditions across the geographical range of LTMs.

Please collaborate with us in our survey of long-tailed macaque behaviours

This survey is the first stage of a comprehensive study of culture in long-tailed macaques. Participate by clicking this link

We hope to use the collected reports to develop a catalogue of candidate cultural behaviours in long-tailed macaques, of which all contributors will be a part of. We intend to use these observations in team-oriented publications and events about the population-level features of cultural behaviour in long-tailed macaques, of which all contributors will be invited to join in participation and authorship.

Meet the Team

Dr. Malene Friis Hansen
Department of Anthropology, Princeton University
Research: Link

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Leca
University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Research: Link

Assoc. Professor Michael D. Gumert
Nanyang Technical University, Singapore
Research: Link

Mike Gill
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Research: Link